Dashboard gives at a glance data related to events, authenticated users, high-risk users, risk score, security alerts, and risk analytics information. 

  • Accumulated Logs: Total number of activity logs accumulated in the selected date range from the property.  
  • Authenticated Users: Provides information about the users that were authenticated in to the system. 
  • High Risk Users: Provides information about the users who seem to have accessed the system in an unusual method.
  • Notable Events: Events that occurred in the system and require system administration attention or investigation. 
  • Suspicious Devices: Provides information about the devices, and location from where users have logged in to the system.  
  • Users Under Watchlist: Provides information about the users the system administration should give attention to. 
  • Recent Security Alerts: Provides information about the recent alerts details in the system. 
Updated on March 31, 2022

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