• Installing WooCommerce Fraud Prevention Plugin/Extension

    Methods of Installing WooCommerce Fraud Prevention Plugins Automatic Plugin Installation. Install the plugins available in WordPress Plugins Directory using the built-in plugin installer. Upload via WordPress Admin. You can easily add a new plugin by uploading a zip archive of the plugin from your local computer. Manual Plugin Installation. Sometimes,…

  • Securing the Login Page

    AuthSafe Secure Login page feature covers the complete login attempts. Whenever a login attempt is made on the website, AuthSafe calls the login attempt API and uses the pixel to track user activities such as page-related events, mouse movements, mouse clicks, scroll movements, Keypress events.   AuthSafe also collects the user…

  • Integration Pre-Requisites

    API Keys  Integration  AuthSafe allows various integrations that include SDKs, API, and JavaScript. To choose the best option and integrate the AuthSafe with your web application, refer to our Integration documentation. 

  • How to Add Property?

    To add a new property, click New Property. So as soon as you add a property, you will be redirected to the Property Settings page. The property name does not need to be a domain. It can be anything. It’s basically a name for the property, to understand.  

  • How to Use Tracking URL?

    AuthSafe’s tracking URL address collects all the events on the website and logs in to the Dashboard. To set up tracking URL address in the website: From the Dashboard, click Settings. From the right-menu, click Tracking Code. Click Copy to clipboard to copy the unique tracking URL address. Access your…

  • How to install SDKs

    To get the available SDKs: From the Dashboard, click Settings. From the right-menu, click SDK. On the screen, you can see the available SDKs which you can download by clicking the SDKs. On this screen, you can also see the upcoming SDKs.

  • How to set tracking whitelist?

    Add IP addresses, and email addresses that do not require tracking. To set tracking whitelist: From the Dashboard, click Settings. From the right-menu, click Tracking Whitelist. In the IP section, add the IP addresses separated by a comma which you want to whitelist. In the User ID/Username section, add the…

  • How to Set Up Customized Alerts?

    Set customized alerts by specifying the risk score to receive notifications when the website risk score reaches the set limit. To set the customize alerts: From the Dashboard, click Settings. From the right-menu, click Customize Alerts. Select the suspicious activity score (%) for which you want to recieve the notifications….

  • How to Delete Property?

    To delete a property: From the Dashboard, click Settings. From the right-menu, click </> Delete Property. Click Delete. The property gets deleted. Note: Deleting property does not delete your account. A single account can have multiple properties.

  • Make an API Call

    Domain URL: https://a.authsafe.ai/v1 Headers:”authorization: Basic {API KEY}” “content-type: application/json API Key:API KEY = BASE64 (PROPERTYID:PROPERTYSECRET) PROPERTYID: The Property ID can be obtained from Settings > API KeysPROPERTYSECRET: Property Secret can be obtained from Settings > API Keys Now, the login attempt and reset password attempt calls:  Login Attempt:  URL: https://a.authsafe.ai/v1/login  Request parameters…