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Device Fingerprinting

About Device Fingerprinting: Device Fingerprinting is a process where in we map and store unique devices of each user. Whatever activity information we get we need to identify it against a unique device. 

This also helps us in understanding if one device is being accessed by multiple users, so this is a very crucial part of the AuthSafe risk scoring model.  

Activity Tracking

AuthSafe collects a lot of data regarding user activities like his browser, operating system, screen resolution, plugins installed, color depth, etc. All of this collected data is stored in the AuthSafe cloud for certain amount of time before being discarded off. These logs help our machine learning models in understanding users’ behaviour and train our models. We would like to add that when we are collecting this information, we don’t collect any personal identifiable information or any information that is sensitive to the organizations’ users. 

For riskscoring we perform device fingerprinting and collect activity logs. Those logs are pre authentication and post authentication both. 

Updated on April 1, 2022

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