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Installing WooCommerce Fraud Prevention Plugin/Extension

Methods of Installing WooCommerce Fraud Prevention Plugins

  • Automatic Plugin Installation. Install the plugins available in WordPress Plugins Directory using the built-in plugin installer.
  • Upload via WordPress Admin. You can easily add a new plugin by uploading a zip archive of the plugin from your local computer.
  • Manual Plugin Installation. Sometimes, you may need manual uploading a plugin directly using an SFTP client.

Automatic Plugin Installation:

This is the simplest method of installing a plugin. To add a plugin, use the built-in plugin installer.

Step #1 Navigate to Plugins > Add New.

Step #2 Use the search bar in the top-right to search using a keyword, author, or tag.

Step #3 On the search results that appear, click the Plugin Title or the More Details link to read more about installation notes, plugin documentation, or other useful information.

Step #4 Click Install Now to install the plugin.

Step #5 Once the installation is complete, click Activate to activate the plugin.

Step #6 After the Plugin activation, you will be redirected to Plugins Installed page.

Step #7 Click Settings of AuthSafe Fraud Prevention Plugin.

Step #8 Generate the Property ID and Property Secrete from here and click Save Changes the retain the changes made on the settings page.

Upload via WordPress Admin:

Download WooCommerce Fraud Prevention Plugin as a zip file. You can manually upload and install it through the Plugins admin screen.

Step #1 Navigate to Plugins > Add New.

Step #2 Click the Upload Plugin button at the top of the screen.

Step #3 Select the zip file from your local filesystem and click Install Now.

Step#4 After installation, you’ll see “Plugin installed successfully.” Now click the Activate Plugin button.

Manual Plugin Installation:

In rare cases, you may need to install a plugin manually by transferring files onto the server. This is recommended only when absolutely necessary, for example, when your server did not configure for automatic installations.

This procedure requires you to be familiar with the file transferring process using an SFTP client. It is recommended only for advanced users and developers.

Here are the detailed instructions to manually install a WordPress plugin by transferring the files onto the web server. 

Please note that once you save the correct Property ID and Proper Secret from the AuthSafe Panel, it is suggested to wait 10 minutes to display the data on the AuthSafe Panel from your WooCommerce website.

Updated on October 13, 2022

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